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I am MY OWN princess.
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FiRsT cRy~ "-.-" 3rd Feb 1987(dOn 4gEt tO bUy mE a pReSeNt hOr =P)
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**aTTaChEd lE sTilL waNna F|iRt & F|iNg aRoUnD

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~~> *tO sAvE uP lOts oF mOnEy iN cRyStaLbElLe & iSabElLe sAvInGs aCcOuNt~
~~> *tO haVe a BeAuTiFuL cReaTiOn oF mOii pErSoNaL bLoGgIeS
~~> *tO gEt mOii DipLoMa cErT(pLaNnInG 4 FuRtHeR sTuDiEs
~~> *tO gEt a DiaMoNd RiNg frOm dEaR
~~> *tO hav3 a pInKy LaPtOp(Dell Inspiron 1420 oR Sony VAIO Luxury Pink)
~~> *sEt uP oWn ONLINE FashiOn BuSiNeSs
~~> *sTraiGhT rEbOnDeD cO|oUrEd haiR
~~> *a bEaUtiFu| wArDrObE w |OtS oF pReTtY c|OtHiNgS
~~> *lOts oF nic3 bRaNdEd baGgIeS & sHoEs
~~> *sony digital camera
*gOt mOii T70 le* =) ~~> *LVs
~~> *Gucci Cruise Butterfly Charm Pink Tote
~~> *straight whitening teeth- get over my ceramic braces period
~~> *have family, personal, couple makeover

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tagboard hereeeeeeeeee. :)
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Friday, October 5, 2007

On e 29th Sept 2007 (Saturday)

Meet up with ViVian & her bOyfriend, wilsOn after wOrk ard 9 plus @ nitez. wanted tO meet up dh, zg & tOmmy @ City area there s they head there much earlier than us s Vivian gOt tO wait fOr her bf finish wOrk 1st. While waiting at Yishun MRT there, juz bOred lahz, i reach 1st & waited fOr them fOr quite awhile sO cam-whOring time lOhz.. HaHa =P

On e way in train suddenly change plan liaOz instead of heading tO City Hall & gO there eat/shOp, we intend tO gO pub instead cOz pretty late fOr shOpping by e time we reach there, mOst ppl busy packing wantin tO faster clOse shOp & gO hOme liaOz. =X
End up we gO ard Boat Quay there fOr dinner & ask dh & his 2other frenz meet us there.

Went tO LIGHTHOUSE @ Boat Quay there s WilsOn's fren is wOrkin there & he meeting up w a grOup of frenz there. nOw e place nO more dancing, clubbing pub liaOz. Change tO thOse KTV pub le. As cOmpare tO e past, Boat Quay, MS all these places was very happening & crOwded but nOwadays it seems like Dead City liaOz~ Quite bOring, nOt interesting or happening liaOz. Sianz lOrx~ =X

Wa laO, wanted tO relax & enjOy mOii day but was kanna bOmb with calls & i gOt tO keep talking instead. but still okay lahz, at least can earn mOre mOney $$$. They order 1 bOttle of Martell & w cOke & Green Tea tO share amOng all lOhz. drink quite alOt but still dOn feel "seh" while tOmmy drink 1 glass feel "seh", eyes & face turn red liaOz. cOz he's very bad at drinking de, drink abit e whole face burning red liaOz. KeKez. lOls. was mOre sticky w mOi ViVian buddy den mOi dh s he is busy talkin w frenz, drinkin & playin card games w their sO many frenz lahz..

Cam-whOring time w ViVian~ i juz take 2 pics nia cOz my canOn camera suddenly seems tO have prOblem & becOme crazy & mOi memOry card alsO full liaOz. =X alOt of pics haven uplOad tO cOm & wash out yet.

after that, they suggest gOin tO City Plaza there & play billiard but upOn reachin there cOuldnt find e place lahz. 1 of WilsOn's fren say he's a member at e Pool place there at Level 4. we take e lift up there but we cOuldnt find any exit at all tO get out of e CarPark cOz all e dOor have been lOcked & dOesnt seems tO have exit at all. Oh nO, we R STUCK!~ but luckily dOwnstairs there's ppl pressin e lift up tO Level 4 den we manage tO get tO e lift all e way dOwn. we try ways & get up there but still cOuldnt find e place s it's all lOcked fOr every dOor. ask ard & a grOup of bengs, lians sitting there say upstairs gOt e billiard place leh. it seems kind of EERIE lOhz~ fOund a place at Level 3 that seems like a dancing places of TechnO s we can hear very lOud TechnO music frOm outside but we cant get in s it stated is fOr members only. i ("v") TechnO but nOwadays mOre tO RNB, Reggae & Trance s alOt of TechnO pub or discO clOse dOwn liaOz. 97 still gOt technO but juz a lil bit mOre tO old technO sOng & e live band is super lOng lOhz. overall still ok, nOt bad lahz.. hees.

Find & find end up still cant find e place sO we gO hOme liaOz. it's already 4+am liaOz sO we gO McDonald tO have our Breakfast 1st befOre headin fOr hOme. after I get ready everything wanted tO slp is already abt 6+am liaOz. wOrkin at 8am sO slp till 7am+, 8am gOt tO wake up fOr wOrk liaOz. sianz, feelin sO tired & sleepy *yawns*

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