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I am MY OWN princess.
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FiRsT cRy~ "-.-" 3rd Feb 1987(dOn 4gEt tO bUy mE a pReSeNt hOr =P)
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~~> *tO haVe a BeAuTiFuL cReaTiOn oF mOii pErSoNaL bLoGgIeS
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~~> *lOts oF nic3 bRaNdEd baGgIeS & sHoEs
~~> *sony digital camera
*gOt mOii T70 le* =) ~~> *LVs
~~> *Gucci Cruise Butterfly Charm Pink Tote
~~> *straight whitening teeth- get over my ceramic braces period
~~> *have family, personal, couple makeover

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

1st MaRcH 2008
ThaNks fOr SheLLy's iNvitatiOn tO JeXuS's 1yeaR oLd birThDaY!~ ThOugH I aM nOt abLe tO maKe iT dUe tO wOrk, I siNcErEy wiShin him in PiNk of HeaLth, alwAyz a haPpY cHeErFul sMiLeY BaBy, kuai gaO chang da, tian tian kuai kuai le le~ Be a guai guai, ting hua ren jian ren ai de bOy bOy =D

2nd MaRcH 2008
HaPpY BeLaTeD 21sT BiRtHDaY tO mOii deaReSt EleeN ShU JuaN on 2nd March SuNdaY!i!~ Have knOwn each other since Primary sch bahz if i am nOt wrOng right? ThrOugh tuitiOn class de then sO concindence that we gO tO the same sec sch as well. ThOugh during sch daze, there's certain cOnflict & disagreement due tO tat "Biatch" but I am glad & happy that we are still pretty gOod frenz despite of busy-ness with wOrk & studies. BleSsings falls upOn u & yOur bf wOrx~ Don wOrry, Be Happy & Smilez Always!i! Muz miss me yah! whahaha.. lOls. Meet up sOon. We keep saying wanna meet up but haven yet tO catch up with each other fOr pretty lOng time yah! gO fOr shOpping, chilling up & phOtO taking seSsiOn ahz.. HaHa =P End of MaRch de week will u be free? cOz April u will be busy once again rite?~ i nOe u will read up mOii blOg sO when u c le Let me nOe yah! Haas. (have wish u in sms but haven blog up in here *PS* kind of bz so blog late in here)
PhOtOs pHoToS lehz? i hOpe i will have current de, bUt seems liKe all our pics was taken lOng time back as we hardly meet up that often due to time constraint. Awaiting tO have new 1 cOming in sOon yah! HaHa.. =P

HaPpY 21sT BiRtHdaY tO XiNtHia aS welL wHicH iS alsO oN 2nd MaRcH sUnDaY!i!~ *ThaNkz fOr InVitInG* yOuR dOggie iS sO adOrabLe(in this pic, e dOggy nOt well taken off s it keep mOving & Red Eye causing by e cam=X) U seems like a Xin Fu XiaO Nu Ren =D BleSsIng tO u & yr bF~ awaiting tO hear yOur Wedding News. TkCare~ HaHa.. =P
miie & dOggie~ i fOrgOtten e name le. =X It's Mixed Breed de.

miie & XiNthia~

It's me & her again!~ 21 years old lOhz. FreedOm tO e Keys. lOls =P

SmiLinG HaPpiLy~ =))

ByE fOr 2nd MaRcH!~ hOme zilian-ing =P

8th MaRcH 2008

ThaNkz SeReNe Li Jin fOr iNvItiNg miie & famiLy tO yOur 21sT biRthdaY on 8th MaRcH SaTuRdaY!~ Appreciated yOur thOughts & effOrts =) HaPpY 21st BiRtHdaY!i!~ sOrry didnt manage tO tOk much tO u as I was kind of busy.. Anyway, I dO enjOy mOiiself there thOugh u R very busy attending tO sO many frenz & relatives bahz~ Once again, Thankz! EnjOy & Have Fun~ Hees. =D (*PS* Didnt really take photos as I am busy busy & got to take care of mOii 2baObeis~ Will see who got photos taken on that day den upload bahz..)

On e 8th MaRcH itself, after Serene's birthday we rush back tO bring baObeis hOme 1st befOre we head out tO tOwn. Dear meeting up with GraCe, GuaNg @ Town tO watch mOvies again. This time rOund with his 2 yOunger cOusins tOo. Watch 10, 000 BC. Hmm~ well, the mOvies still alright, nOt bad lahz juz tat starting dOesnt seems that interesting.

Ratings: 3.5/5stars Perhaps? =)

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